Corazón de León

May 5, 2020
Emilio Kauderer

Ivana Cornejo is a successful lawyer. For 3 years she has been divorced from Diego Bisoni, also a lawyer and a partner in the law firm they both share. After the loss of her cell phone, Ivana receives a call from someone who found it, with the intention of returning it to her.
It is León Godoy, a renowned architect with an overwhelming personality: nice, gallant, charismatic … and also divorced. In the telephone conversation they have, a lot of empathy is established and both feel an immediate interest. During that same talk, they meet the next day to return the cell phone.
Ivana is the first to arrive and León arrives a few minutes later. When she sees him, she is perplexed, León is all she perceived, but she is 1.35 m tall. He is the perfect man, but … too short. From that meeting, Ivana will seek to overcome those 45 cm that the man of her life lacks.
In this way, he will face the convictions of an unforgiving society and his own prejudices, which demand economic, professional success from men and those inescapable 180 centimeters in height. (FILMAFFINITY)

Emilio Kauderer Music Composer © Power by Drops design