• Juan José Campanella - Oscar Winner Director
    Emilio’s music is as much a part of the heart of my movies as the script or the actors. It is omnipresent, haunting, and an indelible part of the experience. He composes the themes before I start pre-production, so every creative department is inspired by his melodies. Instant classics, all of them. Music and stories in themselves, without having to put a movie around them.
  • Axel Kuschevatzky - Film Producer
    Emilio is a towering figure in film scoring in Argentina. His work in timeless classics like Tiempo de Revancha (arguably the best local film ever made), Ultimos Días de la Victima and Un lugar en el Mundo was groundbreaking and changed the way movies were made in his native country. His ongoing collaboration with Juan José Campanella in both TV series and feature films creates a dynamic and marvelous team that includes the Academy Award winning The Secret in Their Eyes, four other movies and three TV shows. In a nutshell, Emilio´s work has the key to thrill, seduce, engage and create deep feelings in the audience. Everything that we, filmmakers all around the world, do look for.
  • Billy Ray - Writer - Director (Captain Philips, Richard Jewell, Secret in their Eyes)
    What a director wants from a composer is passion. They have to care. That's Emilio. He's as invested in the movie as the filmmaker is; he pulls every note out of his soul... And you can hear it.
  • Gabriela Tagliavini - Director - Writer
    Working with Emilio is not only fantastic but also super fun. He is one of the best musicians of the world, he proposes great original ideas, listens to suggestions and adapts - which makes the process truly collaborative. His sensibility is key for any movie or tv series. He is truly a creative genius!
  • Ricardo Freixa - Film Producer
    I have been honored by Emilio‘s friendship for nearly 30 years. He was writing the music to a movie that later became a nominee for an Academy Award. And he was so casual about it. That’s Emilio: he can be writing a real masterpiece and nothing in his demeanor makes you realize it. From that moment on, he wrote the music for several movies that I produced. And each one of them is a masterpiece, of course! I am so proud to have Emilio not only as a friend but as a permanent collaborator!
  • Mark Johnson - Film Producer (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Rain Man)
    Emilio was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to many more scores together.
  • Rodrigo H. Vila - Director, Writer & Producer
    Every film that I make with Emilio Kauderer is a new world to explore and enjoy. His versatility, talent and humanity make him an exceptional composer. His music and art transcend cinema.

London Orchestra

El cuento de las comadrejas

Eroica Trio

The secret in their eyes


Mi obra maestra


Vientos de Agua

The Last Man


Dead Like Me





A new documentary by director Juan José Campanella (winner of an Oscar for “The secret of his eyes), with music by Emilio Kauderer.
“The Infinite Limit” tells the story of an adapted athlete, who suffered from polio when he was barely a year old and from there began
a course of experiences that show his tenacity to overcome all kinds of obstacles and his ability to accomplish amazing feats.

El Limite Infinito


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